Hellcat’s Hope:
Journaling Your Path to Hope and Healing

I’ve wanted to write a book for several years now, but I had so many stories I wanted to share that I had no idea where to start.

During the Covid Quarantine, the creative juices really got to flowing and I decided I didn’t need to tell all my stories, just start with one that’s really important to you – and for me, that is Journaling. 

Journaling changed my life. I present workshops and webinars on the topic. It only made sense to write my first book about it.

In my book, you will learn...

  • The Who What Where When Why and How of Journaling
  • Journaling for Healing and Change
  • How our brains benefit from journaling 
  • Learn how to rewrite your story
  • Finding Hope in Journaling

We examine all the limiting beliefs around journaling and strategies to practice so you, too, can journal your own path to hope and healing. 

Still don’t know what to write about? I got you –
I’ve included 30 days of journal prompts to get you started! 


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Hellcat's Hope: Journaling

Journaling Master, Lorrie Hellcat Bamford, presents a lively and easy to follow process on how to journal and love it. Hellcat teaches how to use journaling as a beautiful tool to clean out your mind, find a clear path to your dreams and goals, and how NOT to be afraid of it; rather, embrace it as an easy, daily habit. Hellcat shares specific, easy ways you can begin journaling or get the most out of your journaling if you're already a journaling guru.

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